Brother and sister drown in river tragedy in Spain after slip while taking snaps


A FAMILY has been hit by a double tragedy after a brother and sister died in the Miera river in Spain, while they were taking photographs on a riverbank yesterday (Sunday).

The two victims were accompanied by another brother, a niece and a dog on their riverside walk near a dam when the woman, who could not swim slipped into the river.

One of her brothers who went to her aid also got into difficulties in the river in Medio Cudeyo in Cantabria.


The alarm was sounded just after 5pm and despite the best efforts of the emergency services – including firefighters, police and paramedics – neither could be revived.

The local council is considering measures to improve the safety in the area but says ‘you cannot put doors on the river.’

A day of mourning for the deceased is being considered by the council.


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