Rock band guitarist dies during gig in Spain

TRAGIC DEATH: A photo the El Callejón del Mico band posted shortly before the concert. Photo credit: Facebook

A MEMBER of a hard rock band has died in the middle of a concert in southern Spain.

Forty-year-old Abel Andújar Roch, a guitarist in the El Callejón del Mico band died at the Arizona Route 66 Rock Bar venue from a cardiac arrest the emergency services reported.

The musician, born in Cartagena (Murcia) began to suffer convulsions shortly after the concert began, at around 11.30 pm at the Apa Rock Festival in the city of Murcia. The bar remains closed as a mark of respect.


Preparados para montar en el #aparock

Geplaatst door El Callejon del Mico op Vrijdag 7 september 2018


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