WATCH: Ryanair passenger stands on seat and rants in Arabic and Spanish mid-flight


RYANAIR passengers on a flight in Spain looked on anxiously as a man ranted in Spanish and Arabic and claimed all Christians are “infidels” and how “Sharia is the fairest rule of law”.

The incident which took place 40 minutes prior to landing in Sevilla, Spain was recorded by a fellow passenger.

The drama unfolded when a passenger began shouting in Maghrebi Arabic mid-flight as passengers attempted to calm him down.


The man reportedly switched back and forth between Spanish and Arabic during his rant.

Eye-witnesses report the man stood on his seat and wagged his finger at his fellow passengers whilst ‘preaching’ about Islam.

Javier Carnero, who was present on the flight, claims the man claimed all Christians are “infidels” and how “Sharia is the fairest rule of law”.

As seen in the video, the man was dragged from his seat and marched to the front of plane to calm down while a crew member spoke with the man’s brother who claims the man suffers from a mental illness.

Guardia Civil and airport authorities were reportedly awaiting the man when the plane finally arrived at Sevilla.

However, following a search and a police caution he was released.

In a statement  a Ryanair  spokesman said, “We will not tolerate unruly or disruptive behaviour at any time and the safety and comfort of our customers, crew and aircraft is our number one priority.”



  1. “Following a search and a police caution he was released”. Really?? Having caused enormous concern to all the passengers who presumably were worried he was about to commit an act of terror? Ryanair issued the usual corporate guff about not tolerating unruly behaviour and passenger safety being their highest priority, but the approach to this passenger seemed quite tolerant to me even if he did have mental issues (all terrorists must be mentally ill to do what they do and think it is ok). Does this mean he will be allowed to fly again?


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