Unions agree to Ryanair strike across five European countries including Spain

PLANE PAIN: The news will concern customers who have booked flights this month. Credit: Shutterstock

RYANAIR cabin crew in five European countries have given their support for strike action this month, throwing passengers’ flight plans into uncertainty.

Although the exact date has not yet been confirmed, unions in Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and Belgium have agreed to a day of industrial action.

The decision was taken by a conference of unions in Rome yesterday with groups including pilots, cabin crew, and ground personnel all represented.


The unions involved were the USO and Sitcpla for Spain, UILTrasporti and FILT-CGIL for Italy, FNV for the Netherlands, the SNPVAC of Portugal and the CNE/LBC of Belgium.

They have apologised to travellers in advance but place the blame squarely on Ryanair for “ignoring the labour laws of each country in which it operates” despite months of meetings and negotiations.

A date for the strike is currently being discussed and it will be announced before September 13.

Unions have highlighed a series of reasons for the strike, including: preventing trade union freedom for employees; not recognising wage, social security and welfare rights; and using recruitment personnel provided by foreign administration agencies.

For its part, Ryanair said:

“Ryanair’s people have enjoyed significant pay increases, improved terms and conditions, and we have agreed to improved seniority structures, base transfers and annual leave.

“We have done this in a year when we expect profits to fall by 15 per cent due to a combination of higher fuel prices and higher staff costs.”


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