Costa del Sol expat community honoured for their contribution to local life

Expats will be honoured for their role in local life Credit: Shutterstock

A Costa del Sol council is set to honour the British expatriate community living in the town for its contribution to local life, the mayor said.

Jose Ortiz said town authorities were going to put forward the community for the Medal of Honour for their impact on social, economic and cultural life in Torremolinos.

The award will be presented on the town’s Day of Autonomy this Thursday September 27, the mayor added.


A council spokesperson said: “Torremolinos has a long tradition of colonies of British residents and tourists going back centuries throughout its history.”

There are currently around 1,589 British expatriates registered in the town.

More than 171,850 British holidaymakers stayed there during 2017, about 28.5 per cent of all foreign tourists.

Other recipients of the award in previous years are the architect Antonio Lamela in 2017, the pro Autonomy Board in 2016 and Malaga City in 2015.



  1. Ex pats to be honoured by the local council! great news!!! It rather highlights the fact that what that Iranian was ranting about the British not integrating. was all a load of rubbish, doesn’t it.?


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