WATCH: Heroic shop worker faces up to robber armed with gun

ROBBERY ATTEMPT: The pistol can be clearly seen on CCTV of the shocking incident. Photo credit: YouTube

A WOMAN cashier in a Spanish supermarket has bravely fought off a thief who attempted to rob the store after he pointed a gun in her face.

The man, who appeared to be looking for money to pay for some goods, whipped out a pistol.

But the cashier, who, far from being scared, stood up to him and the alleged robber fled empty-handed whenever he noticed the presence of other people at the door.


The shocking incident in Almonte (Huelva) was captured on CCTV and clearly shows the man pointing a gun – later found to be a plastic imitation – at her.

Local Police in the town arrested a man the following day after he was recognised by a bus driver, although a second person confessed to the crime, so the original person was released.



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