DOWNED DRONE: United States Air Force MASSIVE craft crashes off coast of Spain

The huge RQ-4 Global Hawk plunged into the Gulf of Cadiz in June Credit: Google maps/USNI

THE United States Air Force has admitted responsibility, after two months of silence, for a crash just off the Spanish coast involving an enormous high-altitude remotely-controlled drone.

The USAF high-tech aircraft crash-landed in the Gulf of Cadiz at 11am on June 26 near to the US Navy base in Rota.

The RQ-4 Global Hawk drone is worth €105 million euros and has a wingspan measuring 131 feet.


The USAF finally admitted responsibility for the crash yesterday (Thursday) after two months of silence.

The incident is especially embarrassing for the United States Air Force as it marks the second time in a year a Global Hawk has crash-landed.

The reconnaissance drone was recovered from the sea showing damage to the aircraft from its hefty impact.

Global Hawk drones have a range of 15,000 miles and the US Air Force currently uses 33 of the giant surveillance crafts worldwide.

The cause for the crash was not announced and officials claim is still under investigation.

The wreckage was recovered covertly. Photo credit: USNI
An RQ-4 Global Hawk
Credit: Shutterstock



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