WATCH: Tourists’ violent scrap with coach driver in Spain after car park dispute

STREET SCRAP: Between holidaymakers and coach driver in Spain. Photo credit: C7

VIDEO of an ugly fight in the street between two holidaymakers and a coach driver has emerged after there was a dispute over traffic delays.

The brawl was captured (see foot of article) in the resort town of Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria in Spain’s Canary Islands.

According to sources, the punch-up was caused when two holidaymakers in a black Mercedes car blocked the entrance to a car park because they apparently didn’t have the funds to pay for their stay.


The footage shows one of the tourists yelling at the driver and punching at the coach.

The driver leaves the coach and fists and feet fly after he pushes the holidaymaker.

Two women accompanying the holidaymakers try to intervene with little success.

Bystanders eventually manage to end the scuffle.

After the fight was broken up all three men walk away and return to their vehicles before a second scrap starts after one of the tourists sneaks by the bus driver’s window in an attempt to punch him.

As the bus driver comes charging out of his vehicle again, the two women calm the situation.

It is not clear if the police attended the incident or if any charges will be pressed against any of the parties.




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