Keeping pets cool in Summer

Keep your dogs cool all summer long Credit: Pixabay

Keeping dogs cool in the heat

Whether as a pet owner or a sitter we need to be mindful of temperatures every Summer. There are lots of signs that pets are not happy in the heat, some go off their food, others find a shady spot and hide for as long as they can. Here are some tips for caring for dogs in the heat:

  • Feed them early if you can when the temperature is still cool
  • If you walk dogs daily, walk them early or late, to avoid the hot ground and the hot sun
  • Always make sure they have access to fresh water, take a bottle with you if you’re walking
  • Put ice cubes in their water dish to keep it fresh
  • Offer a wet towel for the dog to lay on, or if you can a cool paddling pool
  • Be mindful of humidity in your home, they may not be able to pant themselves cool if it is too high

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