Will you join us for a Guinness?

WORLD RECORD: At least 256 people have to show up to play.

The first thing I envisioned when Martina Spaan talked of the proposed Beetle Drive at our UNMS2018 event back in April was a bunch of Herbie The Love Bugs en masse parading around our city. It sounded like fun.

As it turned out a Beetle Drive has nothing to do with Volkswagen beetles.  It’s a game played with a die, pen and paper and thanks to Campbell Ferguson, one of the founding members of the international, English-speaking Rotary Club Marbella Guadalmina, we now all get to play this game he fondly remembers from his childhood for charity and potentially for a Guinness World Record.   

The main charity benefiting from the funds raised on the day will be the Alzheimer’s Association (AFA) www.afamarbella.org, so this is a very worthy reason to support the event.

In the hope and expectation that people from all along the Coast will ‘play the game,’ the event is going to be held in the Exhibition Centre in Marbella (Palacio de Congresos) so we all fit. Players need to be in tables of four and anyone from seven years of age upwards is welcome to participate for a minimal charge of 10€ per player.   

The idea is to make up as many tables of four people as possible and to encourage this a special offer of ‘buy three get one free’ is available, although as this is for charity, if you can contribute more, better yet.

Younger children are only not invited to participate as it is essential that all players take part in all three games from start to finish to aspire to the record and they might not last the entire duration, even though actual ‘game time’ is not expected to exceed 30 to 40 minutes.

The game in itself is quite simple, similar to hangman but involving a die and drawing a beetle, based on the numbers thrown. Each body part has numbered values and they must be drawn in a specific order so completing the beetle is not as easy as it seems and more fun that it may sound.

The event is starting at 5pm and there will be food, drink, entertainment and arts and crafts stalls and the Master of Ceremonies will be Shane O’Shea of Project Music Management for the English language speakers and I’m honoured to have been invited to do the Spanish welcome, introductions and explanations, so we’re very much looking forward to welcoming you all!!

Opportunities like this don’t come our way every day so please do come along, with the family and your friends or just by yourself and we’ll find you a table to play at. Truly the more the merrier!

So far the record is held with 252 players so at least 256 people have to show up to play on the day for this official attempt to be a success, so if you too fancy a Guinness, join us!

More information and tickets from: www.rotaryclub-marbella-g.org

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