Measles outbreak ‘controlled’

INFECTIOUS: Hospitals being kept busy

TWO out of every three cases of measles registered in Spain this year have come from within the Valencian Community.

These stark figures come from a number of recent records published by the Public Health Department and those of the National Epidemiology Centre at the Carlos III Institute in Madrid, which oversees and monitor all cases of notifiable diseases across the country.

In raw numbers, during the week of July 16 to 22, of the 191 reported cases some 131 came under the control of the Valencian Community… representing 68 per cent of the total.


Such a high percentage has shown the wave of infections in the area and follows an outbreak in the Manises Hospital in Valencia at the beginning of this year.  Considering there has been a major initiative to eliminate the disease, combined with high rates of vaccination, such numbers of over three figures haven’t been recorded for a number of years.

Despite the total so far having increased by five times the total number for last year, experts are confident that the outbreak that has been adding to the extra cases – as well as a number of children arriving in the area unvaccinated – is near its natural end.

According to reports, Francisco Javier Roig, head of the Epidemiological Surveillance and Control Service of the Health Department said that they must now wait for the normal 21 day incubation time of the disease to pass.  “If by the beginning of September there are no new notifications, we will be able to control the latest outbreak,” he explained.



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