IT’S DYNAMITE: Bomb squad detonates 63 kilos of abandoned explosives

BLAST OFF: Police destroyed explosives from the mine (inset). Photo credits: Guardia Civil

GUARDIA CIVIL officers had to call in their bomb experts for a controlled blast after finding 63 kilos of explosives in an abandoned mineshaft in Laujar de Andrax area.

Police were called out to the mine, in the La Tolva area of the Sierra de Gador, after a local found the dynamite about 300 metres inside the shaft.

The ‘Goma-2’ explosives, which were found along with 288 detonators, were Spanish made and designed for industrial use.


Officers said the shaft was difficult to enter due to it being flooded and its entrance closed off. The Guardia Civil were able to access it through a small opening in the side of the mountain that the mine was dug into.

Officers found the explosives inside. Their initial tests showed it was around 30 years old and in very poor condition.

The area was cordoned off while police prepared to destroy the find in a contained blast. The dynamite was detonated inside the mineshaft, leaving the structure completely sealed they said.

The Guardia Civil has issued a statement since the blast containing guidelines for the public in the event of them making similar discoveries.

Police said people should take care not to touch or tamper with explosive material and they should stop others from doing so. Caution has been advised especially if the explosives appear aged, weathered or rusty.

The area where explosives are found should be carefully marked by stones or branches. Care should be taken not to touch any explosive materials with the markings.

People should refuse any request to collect or move such material and authorities should be alerted to it as soon as possible.


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