Bank of Spain hit by website attack

SPAIN'S CENTRAL BANK: Banco de España. Photo credit: Shutterstock

SPAIN’S central bank has confirmed that its website was intermittently offline as it fought a denial of service attack.

But the Banco de España went on to say the DDoS attack didn’t have any effect on the organisation’s operations.

It said that communications with the European Central Bank were unaffected and that there was no evidence that it had suffered any type of data breach.


A spokesperson said, “We suffered a denial of service attack that intermittently affected access to our website, but it had no effect on the normal functioning of the entity.

“As we are the national central bank of Spain, not a commercial bank, we offer no banking services – on-site or online – to individuals nor firms.”

The bank says its website has been functioning normally as of yesterday (Tuesday).



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