WATCH: Dozens of migrants land on beach packed with stunned holidaymakers in Spain

BEACHED: Holidaymakers look on as dozens of migrants arrive by boat on a Costa de la Luz beach. Photo credit: Facebook

BEACHGOERS stood and watched on in amazement as an inflatable boat full of migrants landed on a beach in southern Spain in broad daylight and fled.

The amazing scene unfolded on the beach at Barrosa on the Costa de la Luz yesterday (Sunday) in front of stunned holidaymakers.

A video circulated on social media shows around 50 migrants arriving on a beach near the Sancti Petri luxury tourist resort on the Costa de la Luz.


After landing on the beach the migrants quickly scattered and began to climb up the rocks heading inland.

Police called to the scene held 25 of the migrants – 19 minors and six adults – that are in holding centres before being returned to their country of origin.

The authorities are continuing to hunt for the remaining migrants from the boat.

Spain is now considered the preferred destination for migrant arrivals in Europe after Italy’s new Interior Minister introduced a ban on migrant boats entering the country’s ports.

Hoy sobre las cuatro la tarde, en la playa la barrosa, Chiclana. CÁDIZ.

Geplaatst door Cádiz Olé op Zondag 26 augustus 2018


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    We were signed up for this by our quisling governments decades ago – see also The Barcelona Declaration!


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