SMASHED: Drunk woman EIGHT TIMES over drink drive limit breaks record in Spain

System sees car locked down after negative breath test. Photo credit: Shutterstock

POLICE have stopped a drunk woman driver who was eight times over the legal drink drive limit in Spain.

Other drivers alerted the police to the erratic driving of the female driver of a green BMW 320.

It is alleged the 33-year-old from Lugo had been seen swerving across the road and even into the path of oncoming traffic.


When police pulled her over in Palavea and tested her they couldn’t believe the readings – so they performed the test again and it was even higher at eight times the legal limit.

She now holds the dubious record for the highest drink drive level recorded in the province of La Coruña in Galicia in the north of Spain.

Spain has strict drink driving laws.

According to the N332 website the legal alcohol limit is in general 0.25 mg/l – or 0.15 mg/l if you are a learner driver or professional driver.

If the amount of alcohol exceeds this limit the driver will be heavily fined and lose several points.

In the event the reading exceeds 0.60 mg/l the driver becomes subject to a criminal proceeding and will be arrested.

A blood test is only available once you have finished the breathalyser test and you disagree with the result.

Refusal to co-operate is also a criminal offence.


  1. Truly Great Score, you did so well to find the ignition with that lot onboard. People do not realise, when you’ve had a proper Skinful you Cannot Walk !!


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