Spain vows to send back ‘every last migrant’ that stormed its borders

CEUTA: Migrants storm the border earlier this week. Photo Credit: FaroTV Ceuta

SPANISH police are trying to round up the 116 sub-Saharan migrants who stormed a border crossing using force and return them to Morocco.

The migrants allegedly threw quicklime and battery acid at border officers as they stormed into the Spanish territory of Ceuta.

Fifteen police officers were reportedly injured in the incident some with burn injuries to the face and arms.


Spain and Morocco signed a pact in 1992 stating that Spain can readmit any individual that has crossed into Ceuta or any of its territories unlawfully.

Activist Reduan Mohamed has described the process of returning each migrant as “brutal” as police started rounding up the 116.

Reduan has reported that “a lot” of the migrants who had been admitted to the Centre of Temporary Migrant Stay (CETI) have now fled the facility in a last-ditch effort to evade capture.


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