Snowflakes and do-gooders


I THINK the so-called ‘snowflakes’ and ‘do-gooders’ of our societies are falling hook, line, and naive sinker, into the hands of those whose sole aim is to provoke as much racial hatred and cultural discrimination as possible.

All their well-intentioned appeasement of ethnic minorities and promotion of so-called ‘diversity’ is actually having an opposite affect and is, in fact, managing to raise public resentment and social disharmony to unprecedented and dangerous levels.

In my opinion the growth of reversed racism is becoming the biggest weapon the enemies of peaceful integration and social equality possess.


This past week we’ve seen some real goodies.

Comedian was chastised for being cast as the first gay Disney character, because he is in fact heterosexual! (He’s also an actor of course!).

Mazz Murray, talented daughter of a dear friend of mine, was barred from performing a song from Dreamgirls at the Albert Hall, because she is white and the song is from an ‘African American’ musical.

A while ago the BBC (who else) almost unbelievably specified that applicants for a trainee position in the company would only be considered if they were non-white!

A recent lawsuit claimed that YouTube cancelled job interviews with people who were not female black or Hispanic.

Another example that caught my eye last week was the casting of a black girl in the role of Joan of Arc in an upcoming movie. This did make me think what sort of an outcry there would be if it was decided to cast a white man in the leading role of a movie about Nelson Mandella!

These subversive agitators also level accusations of racism and Islamophobia at anyone who endeavours to speak out in the name of common sense and will try to crush our rights to the freedom of speech at every opportunity.

All this creates one result only. Anger and resentment.

It’s high time the snowflakes were brought to realise that they are being blatantly manipulated by these people, whose only ambition is to spread disruption and division. This small minority don’t want social harmony, they want victory and revenge, and are prepared to use any means available to achieve it; including the purloined assistance of those who naively think they are righting the wrongs of history and inequality.

It’s high time the politicians pulled their heads out from the sands of denial and faced up to the problems these people are creating. If they carry on living in their bubbles of privilege and fantasy, and continue to show their appalling lack of courage, common sense and leadership in these matters, the man in the street will, out of pure frustration, decide to act themselves. And if that happens heaven help us all.

Thanks for all your letters.

Keep ‘em coming.

And a great big thank you for all your kind thoughts and best wishes for my twins eighteenth birthday. Fair warmed the cockles.

Have a good week, and whatever ya do.

Always keep the faith.

Love Leapy



  1. How very ironic. It is Leapy himself who promotes “racial hatred and cultural discrimination”. Week after week and year after year. Anger and resentment? It is all yours to own, Leapy. You display it every week with your ridiculous commentary. In your last post, you complained about British values and historical honour being debased. Now that would be funny if it was not so utterly tragic and farcical. Every country that the Brits invaded over the last four hundred years have suffered and still suffer as a result. Aboriginals in Australia and North America . Kenya, South Africa, Ireland, the list goes on and on. There is no honour here. Just greed, criminal slaughter and destruction. And today? Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen to name just a few. Did I mention Libya? Shame.


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