STUBBED OUT: Costa beaches pioneer ciggy-free zone

Shutterstock / Ayuntamiento Torrox
SMOKING-FREE ZONE: Putting the flags out to put the fags out

A COSTA town has created a smoking-free zone on a stretch of beaches in what it claims is a pioneering step towards a healthier environment.

The initiative in Torrox, in southern Spain, will be implemented on the beaches of Ferrara, El Morche and El Peñoncillo – although it will only be a recommendation and not enforced by fines.

The town hall say they hope it will ‘promote healthy living habits among residents and visitors’.


Mayor Oscar Medina said, “Families who prefer to avoid tobacco smoke can do so, which until now was impossible.”

The councillor responsible for Tourism and Beaches, Sandra Extremera, said, “Flags will be placed on each of these beaches to signal which are the ‘smoke-free’ zones.”

She went on to say, “All these improvements contribute to Torrox rising as a reference destination on the Costa del Sol, which undoubtedly has an impact on its brand image and has already translated into better occupancy and visitor numbers.”




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