GURU GUIDE: ‘Unofficial’ tour leader threatened with huge fine in Spain

INFORMAL: Susana Meseguer offered tours for tips

AN unauthorised tourist guide who offered her services for tips has been threatened with a fine of up to €600,000.

The regional government of Valencia has ordered Susana Meseguer to quit her informative sightseeing walks, or face the consequences.

After finding herself jobless, Susana signed up to GuruWalk, an online platform which brings together tourists and guides all over the world.


Payment is generally in the form of tips and informal guide Susana claims to have received no more than €60 a month sharing her wealth of knowledge about Vilafames, a village in Castellon where she lives.

But she recently received a letter from the regional government informing her that tourist guides in the region need authorisation, and warned her that unless she stopped giving tours, she could face a possible fine of €100,000 to €600,000.

The 50-year-old, who is extremely passionate about the area she lives in, has now apparently left GuruWalk and removed the cards she had placed in the village tourist office advertising her services.

And she refutes claims made in the letter that she was operating from 9am to 9pm each day, adding that it was more of a hobby for her, the odd weekend at most.

Speaking to Spanish press, Susana said she was saddened that she could not share her ‘excitement to spread the word’ about what Vilafames has to offer.

The tour that she offered is no longer available on GuruWalk, despite very positive reviews.

But on a positive note, Susana has apparently setting up her own business hiring out electric bicycles with GPS that can be used to visit the area’s attractions.



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