VIDEO: At least eleven dead as flash flood hits gorge popular with tourists

Shutterstock / Twitter @emergenzavvf
FLASH FLOOD: Raganello Gorge in Italy (File photograph) and (inset) rescuers in the gorge today

A MAJOR rescue effort, including helicopters, is underway to find survivors after a deadly ‘avalanche of water’ swept at least eleven hikers to their deaths in the Raganello Gorge in Italy.

At least another five people are still missing, but the total could be higher because not all had entered gorge with guides and visitors do not need to register.

Officials said 23 people had been rescued after 8ft (2.43m) of water suddenly filled the gorge which is very popular with tourists.


Quoted in local media, a Dutch tourist said: “A real avalanche of water came unexpectedly. We did not have time to do anything. I was lucky, it was an incredible thing.”

Locals say the gorge regularly floods in the winter but never before in the summer.


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