Flippin’ eck

FLIP-FLOP OFF: Like wine, they are fine in moderation

FLIP-FLOPS have long been a wardrobe must-have in the sun. They keep your feet cool, are easy to throw on and come in all colours and patterns.

But they wreak havoc on your feet and can be dangerous.

Podiatrists blame flip-flops for blisters, bacteria, viral infections, bad posture, shooting pains, bunion exacerbation, hammertoe issues, athlete´s foot and a lack of arch support.


Research has shown that the footwear actually changes the way wearer’s walk, sometimes permanently.

There is no arch or heel support, and you have to grip them with your toes to keep them on.

This can all impact on the rest of the body, with noticeable effects on everything from posture to gait.

According to a Consumer Product Safety Commission report on emergency room visits due to shoe-related injuries, 27,000 were associated with flip flops in 2016.

Driving in flip-flops is illegal in Spain for good reason. Just like any backless shoe, there’s a possibility that they will slip off your feet and get stuck under the brake or gas pedal.

It’s a good idea to keep a pair of driving shoes in the back of your car for this reason.

Podiatrists also advise wearing flip-flops for running, hiking, walking long distances, standing for a long time or playing sports. 

So, what does all this mean? Should you dump every pair in the trash?

Apparently not! Like red wine, they are fine in moderation. And the better the quality of the flip-flop itself, the better the walking!



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