€3million social security fraud ring uncovered by police in Spain

ALLEGED FRAUD: Totalling around €3million

NATIONAL POLICE officers have launched a campaign to take down a social security fraud ring that has been alleged to have scammed around €3,000,000  In southern Spain. 

Police have identified 14 individuals as possible suspects in a fraud operation that is believed to have been carried out by members of 39 separate companies.

Seven suspects have so far been detained and seven remain free but under scrutiny from investigating agents.


The investigation started earlier this year after the General Treasury of the Social Security provided police with documentation detailing the different forms of fraud in the Sevilla province.

Equipped with this new information, agents carried out a thorough investigation of almost 40 businesses which aroused suspicions of the involvement of 14 people who were allegedly falsifying documents and using other businesses to conceal assets through the successive transmission of ownership between ‘trustworthy’ people.    

Those detained were mainly in high positions within their respective businesses. 

However, police claim that relatives, figureheads and workers were also amongst those arrested.

The General Treasury of the Social Security will now work with the National Police to decide which assets will be seized from the suspects should they be found guilty.



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