“NOT AT ALL RACIST”: British woman in ‘too many Spanish in Benidorm’ media storm hits back

"DISGUSTING": Freda Jackson claims she has been criticised by strangers since her story broke

THE RETIRED British woman, Freda Jackson, who gained international media attention for complaining there were too many Spaniards in her hotel in Benidorm has spoken again to defend her comments.

Reports suggested that the 81-year-old was asking why native Spaniards couldn’t go elsewhere in Spain to enjoy their holidays as their presence in her Benidorm hotel ruined her stay.

Speaking to clarify her comments, Freda Jackson has told about the backlash she has received in recent days.


The retiree has expressed anguish at the “disgusting” way she has been portrayed in the media.

She claims her statements were “taken out of context” and that she never suggested Spanish holidaymakers should seek out a different holiday destination.

Mrs Jackson qualifies that her only complaint was with the Thomas Cook agency who she claims arranged her stay at the Poseidon Beach hotel.

The hotel, in her opinion, did not cater well enough to British tourists.

Describing the tirade of abuse she has received since the media storm brewed on Monday, Freda Jackson says, “People who do not know me at all call me a racist and that is not true.”

Freda Jackson’s granddaughter Lyndsey believes her grandmother has been “mistreated by the whole world”.

“She is not at all racist and never said that the Spaniards should go elsewhere or that there were too many Spaniards in Benidorm”, added Lyndsey.  



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