HIGHWAY ROBBERY: Police arrest gang that posed as road workers to rob lorry driver at gunpoint

Guardia Civil
HIGHWAY ROBBERY: Armed robbers targeted a lorry and posed as road workers

POLICE in Spain have smashed a gang that robbed a lorry driver at gunpoint in Spain and left him naked at the roadside.

The robbery was carried out by four people in reflective vests, posing as road maintenance workers in Navarra, northern Spain.  

The gang forced the lorry to stop on the side of the motorway and two of them approached the driver and pretended that the road was closed.


They then forced the driver out of his lorry, knocking him to the ground, beating him and causing serious injuries. They undressed him and left him at the roadside before making off with the lorry and €2,000 of travel expenses he was carrying.

The police operation was part of the Guardia Civil’s Operation “MALUA” which has stretched across many of Spain’s provinces.

Three stages of the operation were conducted following reports of home burglaries, two in Almeria and one in Tarragona.

Three male suspects aged  21, 42 and 55 have been arrested. The men had illegal firearms in their possession at the time of their arrest.

European Arrest and Detention Orders (OEDE) for two persons, of Romanian and Spanish nationalities, have also been issued for their participation in the events.



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