FRESH TATTOO TROUBLE: Irishman pays ‘homeless’ Brit for inking his name on face in Ibiza

Facebook / Fouad Fawzi
TATTOO: The Brit who was paid for his "Fouad Fawzi" tattoo on his face in Ibiza

A VIDEO has emerged of an Irishman laughing in the face of British man he had just paid to get his name tattooed on the guy’s face.

Fouad Fawzi, an Irishman living in Ibiza, claims that Liam, a homeless Brit, is his 32nd ‘victim’.

Dozens of ‘victims’ on Fawzi’s social media accounts appear to have been branded with tattoos with the Irishman’s name.


The Irishman’s Facebook page documents similar stories to Fawzi – taking advantage of drunk partygoers in Ibiza, laughing in every video.

Fawzi frequently gets his victims to tattoo their feet, arms and lower backs but not their faces.

In the latest video Fawzi can be heard saying, “There is now 32 people with my name tattooed on them, but this is by far the craziest one.”

The amount Fawzi paid Liam to get the tattoo is unknown.

It comes just one month after another tattoo scandal in Benidorm, when a young Brit stag group party allegedly paid a ‘vulnerable’ Polish man to have the stag’s name and address tattooed on his face.


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