Costa Blanca fireworks shine but push emergency services to the limit

Elche Town Hall Official Website
ILLUMINATED: The skies were brilliant over Elche

FIREFIGHTERS worked tirelessly through the night in Elche tackling 15 separate fires during the Nit de I’Alba, which also saw 10 people injured.

By midnight on Monday, as the sky was spectacularly illuminated with the effects of 2,000 kilos of gunpowder, eight people had been treated by emergency services for burns and wounds, most of which were apparently related to the use of fireworks and debris.

As adrenalin seekers continued until dawn, a further two people needed medical attention for similar injuries.


According to sources, firemen made a total of 15 outings, which centered mainly in green areas and the streets, posing a challenge for emergency services who had to operate around parked cars.

 But despite the numbers of fires and casualties, the authorities involved in organising the annual spectacle and protecting the safety of visitors have been praised for keeping incidents to a minimum.

There were no ‘serious’ injuries and any blazes were quickly distinguished, according to city officials and emergency services.

A mammoth 2,000 kilos of gunpowder was launched from 17 points by the Ferrandez Fireworks, culminating with the breathtaking Palm of the Virgin – a fantastic finale which composed of 1,300 rockets.

Mayor Carlos Gonzalez, who personally oversaw the assembly of the palm trees which were launched from the town hall and spoke with some of the 40 people involved in putting the whole event together, said: “The culmination of the display ascended to a height of 250 metres to occupy in the sky a radius light of another 250. It is an unsurpassable palm tree that keeps the skies lit up for about 25 seconds.

“This is possibly the most special night of the year in our city.”



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