VIDEO: Brit rescued after floating 40 miles out to sea after his boat caught fire

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RESCUE: Salvamento Maritimo found the couple 40 miles out to sea

A SALVAMENTO MARITIMO (Maritime Rescue) helicopter, called the Helimer 201, assisted in a daring sea rescue on Tuesday after a young British man and his Spanish girlfriend abandoned their boat and drifted 40 miles out to sea on a life raft.

On Monday the couple set out to sea on a boat, known as as the Alkybon, from Cabo de Palos, Murcia.

Shortly after their journey began disaster struck when their boat burst into flames leaving the couple with no other choice than to abandon ship as the Alkybon slowly sank. 


Using a life raft the couple were able to stay afloat through the night as they drifted further out to sea. 

Mercifully, they were located the following morning by a patrolling helicopter of the Salvamento Maritimo, having drifted 40 miles out to sea during the night. 

They were hoisted aboard the Helimer 201 and were returned to shore. 

Salvamento Maritimo recorded the heroic rescue.           


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