Hefty fines for illegal renters as neighbours turn against one-another

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TOWELS dish the dirt on illegal holiday lets

ILLEGAL holiday lets in Spain are being found out by police due to the large number of towels on balconies.

Whistle-blowers in tourist hot spots across the country are turning up at council offices and dishing the dirt on private homeowners, who often don’t pay tax on the ‘black market’ rentals.

Under new rules, owners of flats and villas must get a license to rent out their homes or face hefty fines.


In the Balearics, permanent residents of apartment blocks have been told to report any neighbour who is illegally renting out their home.

In July, 28 flats in Ibiza were officially reported and more are expected to follow due to an increase in police inspectors who are hot on the trail of any leads.

Warnings are in place to all homeowners across Spain who are considering renting out their homes – which are seen as unfair competition to hotels – without a license.

Getting caught would mean having to withdraw the property from the market and could mean facing a fine of up to €40,000 with reductions for early payment.



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