Damning report after ‘simple’ hospital op leads to death of patient in Spain

San Jose Clinic where the operation took place

A MAGISTRATE is investigating the death of a young man following a minor operation.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez, aged 29, suffered a cardio-respiratory arrest when what was supposed to be a simple operation under local anaesthetic to remove a cyst from his leg went tragically wrong.

He was transferred from the San Jose Clinic in Alcantarilla to the University Hospital Reina Sofia in Murcia, where he died 12 days later.


Now a damning report on the incident has been completed by the health inspectorate, leading magistrate Raquel Lacunz to investigate whether any crimes were committed.

The report points a finger at the anesthetist and nurse involved in the procedure, saying they left the patient unattended, frequently leaving the room.

The most probable cause of the cardio-respiratory attack was the drugs used. Despite knowing of the possible side effects, the report says, the patient was not monitored.

This could be seen as professional negligence and recklessness, it added.



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