CHIN CHIN: Sales at Spanish bars and restaurants increase by 2.5 per cent

Wikimedia Commons
SALUD!: There is one bar or restaurant for every 175 people in Spain

SALES at bars and restaurants in Spain rose by 2.5 per cent last year with a total of more than €3.6 billion made by the sector, according to industry data.

Figures show there was a total of 277,539 food and drinks establishments in Spain by the end of last year. That is the equivlant of one for every 175 people in the country.

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There is a total of 49,642 food and drinks establishments in Andalucia. The region has the highest number of bars and restaurants of any in Spain.

Cataluña came second with a total of 43,859, followed by Valencia with 32,104 and Madrid with 30,882.



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