Spain’s Prime Minister Sanchez announces new policies to win support for Socialists

POLICY PROPOSALS: Sanchez is hoping to shore up his position before the recess.

SPANISH Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has announced a raft of measures aimed at strengthening his position, two months after he unseated Mariano Rajoy with a no-confidence motion.

Sanchez will introduce labour rights for non-permanent employees, improved pension payments and policies to boost equality for women.

After a cabinet meeting on Friday (yesterday), Sanchez’s government also plans to create 450,000 jobs by the end of the year.


These proposals come just before the summer recess and after a loss of political support for the centre-left Socialist administration’s spending plans for 2019.

The government has only 84 of the 350 seats in the lower house of parliament, making it difficult to get measures approved.

Sanchez has repeatedly said that he wants to complete the remainder of the parliamentary term, and call elections for 2020.

He also met with the main opposition leader, Pablo Casado of the Popular Party (PP) on Thursday, to discuss issues ranging from immigration to gender violence and the situation in Catalonia.


  1. With the ORDERED stand down of the Guardia Civil in the wake of extreme violence from an invasion force its clear the idiot Prime Minister is out to destroy Spain, the economy is already ****** tourism was 11% and in the Balearics no less than 83%. Now millions of Brits and Yanks are saying no more trips to Spain due the African invasion by savages…

  2. The interesting aspect is that the PP are now moving to the right and courting the populist voters, after years of staying centre right…. guess they can see the mood swing across Europe towards the right and populism/nationalist thinking… we should always remember that just under the surface there are many Spaniards who still support Franco, I once met a man who boasted that when the Guardia stormed Parliament, he was on standby in Madrid, with 3,000 armed men, ready to take control of all the media, had Juan Carlos not stated that he was in favour of the democratic process. Many Spaniards who formerly opposed Franco have told me that in light of what has happened since, they rather miss him. We ignore that at our peril, because socialism is a proven failure.


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