WATCH: ‘English-speaking’ man taunts bull in Spain and comes off second-best

YouTube / AnimaNaturalis
TAUNTED: The bull leaps onto the wooden platform

A MAN who taunted a bull from a platform during a bull run in Spain has suffered severe bruising after being hurled through the air.

The man was recording a video on his mobile from the ‘safety’ of a wooden platform during the celebrations Benitachell in the Marina Alta region of Valencia.

In the video he can be seen wiggling his fingers in front of the bull’s nose before it jumped up onto the platform, smashing into him knocking him to the ground.


Local officials described as in his 40s and ‘English-speaking’ but the nationality of the man is not yet known.

He was transferred to a local health centre suffering from severe bruising but he was not gored.

During the celebrations in the Valencian town another bull collapsed and died – apparently from a heart attack.

It is not yet known if the hot weather was a contributory factor.




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