Another large drug bust on the Costa del Sol

Guardia Civil
98 bales of hashish seized in joint operation

A COMBINED force of officers from the Guardia Civil and the Spanish Tax Agency (AEAT) have discovered 3.4 tons of hashish in La Linea de la Concepcion.

The operation commenced last Friday when a customs surveillance aircraft spotted a semi-rigid speed boat loaded with bales of the type used to smuggle drugs in the waters of the Straits of Gibraltar heading towards La Linea.

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Officers on the ground were alerted and they watched the boat unload and followed the vehicle into which the drugs had been unloaded to a property in the El Zabel area of the town.

They then moved in, arrested one person and took possession of 98 bales of hashish weighing 3.4 tons.

Subsequent to this, officers intercepted a stolen vehicle in the vicinity and two additional people who are believed to be part of the transportation team were also arrested.


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