UPDATE: Escaped murderer and rapist tracked down and arrested in Senegal

National Police
DETAINED: Guillermo Fernandez Bueno

FIVE-DAYS-AGO a dangerous Spanish convict escaped the El Dueso prison in Cantabria, northern Spain, while out on a permit.

Guillermo Fernandez Bueno failed to return to the prison as required on Sunday 22. He had been allowed out a week due to good behaviour and was expected to return to prison as he had done on previous occasions.

But, on this occasion, he fled the country with the aid of his girlfriend and a manhunt followed.


National Police were successful in tracking the movements of the fugitive across Africa, from Morocco to Senegal.

Fernandez Bueno used a fake passport to sneak his way across consecutive African borders.

However, through a collaboration with Senegalese security forces, the National Police were able to apprehend Fernandez Bueno and his accomplice this afternoon (Monday).

Fingerprints soon confirmed suspicions that the fugitive was indeed Fernandez Bueno.



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