Blue for brunettes, purple for blondes…

CORRECTION: Blue shampoo will neutralise an orangey hue.

WOMEN who dye their hair know that there is a real tendency for the tint to change into a rather orangey shade at times.

This has usually been seen as more of a problem for blondes, but brunettes too can notice their hair taking on a rather coppery sheen as they fade.

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The use of purple shampoo has been seen as the solution for blondes for a while now. The idea is that it cancels out the yellowy hue that can sometimes spoil the look of dyed blonde hair.

Using the same principle of colour-correcting unwanted shades the idea is to darken hues in dyed brunette fair by using a blue shampoo.

The idea is that blue cancels orange – so you can neutralize a brassy looking shade by using blue shampoo.

Experts suggest using the coloured shampoo every two days if you have noticed your hair taking on an orangey tint, then once a week after that.

Blondes should stick to purple shampoo, and brunettes to blue – the two are not interchangeable.


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