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POT LUCK: Eating yoghurt can prevent wrinkles

THE benefits of a healthy diet have been known for a long time, the typical Mediterranean diet often considered to be the most beneficial.

Beauty experts are now acknowledging how eating certain foods can aid our beauty regime.

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Beauty / flash U.K. Have issued a list of specific foods, explaining their properties to show ‘ we can eat ourselves beautiful ‘.

During the summer months when we are more exposed to the harmful rays from the sun it is important to protect our skin. The recommended foods are the following.

SOY BEANS, encourages a clear complexion, containing beneficial minerals and high in protein.

KIDNEY BEANS, reduces blemishes as high in Zinc containing healing properties.

AVOCADO, moisture, full of fatty acids which help to protect skin from sun damage.

GREEK YOGURT, prevents wrinkles, said to make skin firmer and more resistant to lines.

OLIVE OIL, reduces inflammation and puffy skin, containing anti-oxidants and can be consumed or applied directly to the skin.

Hair care is equally as important, especially at holiday time when damage can be caused by the sun and chlorine in swimming pools. The following foods are recommended.

OYSTERS. To strengthen hair follicles, contain Zinc to aid the protein structure which makes up the hair follicles.

POULTRY, high in protein to strengthen hair and encourage growth.

SALMON, full of Omega-3 fatty acids to feed the glands around the hair follicles.

SPINACH, prevents breakage, contains Vitamins A, C, Iron and beta – caratone to help ensure a healthy scalp.

CHEESE, rich in calcium and protein to promote growth of long and healthy hair.


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