Ryanair to grind to a halt during July due to strikes

Ryanair cabin crew to strike across Europe. In July

RYANAIR crews from Spain and other three countries will stop their operation through a 4.600 crew strike.

The strikes in Spain, Portugal and Belgium will last 48 hours and are due to clash with the schools’ summer holidays.

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Ryanair crew in Italy will go on strike on the July 25 for 24 hours.

The strikes are set to ground  some Ryanair flights across Europe to be grounded causing pain for holidaymakers.

Union bosses have said that further action may be taken if the requests given to the airline have not been met.

Ryanair crews from different countries claim that Europe´s largest low-cost carrier had failed to improve their working conditions.

The airline avoided the strikes before Christmas by recognising the trade unions for the first time in over 32 years but the low-cost carrier has struggled to reach an agreement on several terms.


  1. How does this affect the passengers that have paid in full for their flights with luggage etc.
    Also have booked car hire and accommodation which is usually non refundable?


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