For God’s sake give us all a break

TOGETHER AS ONE: There is no place for any form of racism.

WHY is it always the black and Asian minorities that constantly whine on about racism? 

What about the white majorities, that have to put up with racist insinuations on an almost daily basis? 

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White people are accused of just about every injustice that ever befell humankind: ‘The white man pillaged our land,’ ‘White people get all the best jobs,’ ‘White people are more likely to be accepted in Universities,’ ‘White people are first in line for promotion,’ ‘It’s wrong to allow a white man/ woman to portray a black man in some play or another,’ ‘It’s a white man’s world.’

It simply goes on and on. Substitute the word white with black in these situations and there would be a spate of law suits, self-righteous uproar and probably rioting across the land.  

How many more times do we have to hear some toe-rag crook, caught bang to rights committing some heinous crime or another, scream out that he was only being nicked because he was black? Even the brave firemen that risked life and limb trying to save the victims of the Grenfell disaster were accused of racism for not acting quickly enough. How disgraceful is that? 

Well quite frankly I’m sick of being made to feel guilty because of the colour of my skin. I’m also sick of white people being frightened to open their mouths against some injustice or another because they may be accused of racism or Islamophobia, or some other ‘Obia’ or ‘Ism,’ dreamed up to crush the freedom of speech. I am not a racist, never have been, and hopefully never will be. 

However, if, heaven forbid, I ever did begin to lean in that direction, it would be purely because I had been driven there by these bigoted individuals, who are in fact the biggest racists of all. 

It’s time to stop blaming the failures and shortcomings of the so-called minorities on the oppression of the white race majority. I realise that we have committed some horrendous atrocities in the past but have now been bending over backwards for years trying to atone for our historical mistakes. These days, in the name of ‘diversity,’ people are more likely to gain positions because they are members of a minority, rather than be left in line. 

That, in itself, is blatant racism, but I don’t see hordes of long suffering whites taking to the streets or bleating in the media because of it. For God’s sake give us all a break. If this reversed racist attitude doesn’t ease up soon, it could (basically because the white majority are becoming utterly peed off)   completely backfire, allowing the far right-wing faction to gain the upper hand in British politics. 

If it does, heaven help Great Britain and everyone who sails in her. Don’t kill the goose. Just be thankful to live in a country that still actually cares – for now!

Keep the Faith, Love Leapy –

Leapy Lee’s opinions are his own and are not necessarily representative of those of the publishers, advertisers or sponsors.


  1. I’m not quite sure what you have against anyone who isnt white, but whatever it is, it’s pretty sad. You take rare occurrences and pass them off as normal/typical events to make your points. This division fuels hate and it’s sad that yourself as a foreigner, doesn’t see the irony of criticising foreigners. I’d call it muddled thinking but it’s more deliberate than that. I hope one day you find the chip that balances the one on your other shoulder.

  2. Little Englanders are racist to the core and not just about blacks and Asians you also hate the Scots The Welsh And The Irish the disabled or anyone else who’s not your idea of English and you wonder why we Scots want independence well your racism has brought the country to its knees Brexit was a racist agenda started by Nigel Farage and Ukip then Cameron running scared of losing the election decided to have a referendum which has brought the country to near ruin the Tories have created a hostile environment against immigrants the sick and disabled the homeless the unemployed attacks against the disabled rose significantly after Osborne’s hate speech at the party conference in 2012 declaring the disabled as scroungers then attacks against French German Polish Spanish living in the UK rose significantly after the referendum followed by the deplorable Windrush scandal of the deportation of British citizens all in the name of appeasing the far right in the Tory party we are fast becoming a fascist state the Tories were found to be in contempt of parliament which was the first time ever in our history for this to happen Leapy you might say minorities complain about being hard done by but when most of the country finds itself in a minority group whether its immigrants black Asian disabled unemployed Scots Irish Welsh and EU citizens living here we are being denied our human rights by a government that has no shame denies parliament every way it can breaks the law with impunity turns neighbour against neighbour its reminiscent of 1930s Germany.


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