Woman badly injured in cliff jumping accident in Costa Blanca

PUNTA PLANA: Quite a long way down to the sea

A WOMAN of 51 was badly hurt after she jumped into the sea from Punta Plana in Villajoyosa.

She was one of a party that had contracted a specialist company to organise “coasteering”, an activity where the adventurous hike along rocky sections of coastline, explore land caves, climb cliffs or jump from them into the sea.

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The woman was so badly hurt that once stabilised by medics she was evacuated by a helicopter belonging to the provincial Fire Consortium and flown to the San Vicente fire station. From there she was transferred by ambulance to Alicante General Hospital.

According to sources involved in the rescue, the woman suffered multiple injuries including damage to her spine and hip when hitting a rock on her second jump.

The company which organised the expedition later clarified that the woman did not hit a rock and was only bruised but taken to hospital “as a precaution”. There was no spinal injury, the company said in a statement, that was later confirmed by the woman herself.



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