Ryanair passengers on Costa Blanca flight left outraged after being charged €3 for a glass of water following horror technical fault

FLIGHTMARE: (inset) Clive and Bev were diverted twice whilst flying home to the UK

TERRIFIED Ryanair passengers were shocked to find that they were charged €3 for a glass of water after a technical fault caused the plane to violently shake.

Holidaymakers were left clinging to each other after the fault forced the flight, bound for Dorset from Murcia, to divert to Madrid.

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According to reports the aircraft spent around 20 minutes circling the capital awaiting a slot whilst violently shaking.

Retired driving instructor Clive Block said his wife Bev asked for a glass of water to help calm her nerves following the ordeal.

But she was told by a flight attendant she would still have to pay for a bottle of water.

The 190 passengers continued their route on a different plane that was then diverted to Birmingham Airport due to an airport curfew at Bournemouth Airport.

The low-cost airline then paid for taxis for all the passengers to take them to the south coast.


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