Mother and daughter injured after safety mechanisms ‘malfunction’ on fairground ride in Spain

‘MALFUNCTION’: Caused the ride to fling a woman from her seat

A MOTHER and her daughter have been injured after safety mechanisms ‘malfunctioned’ on a fairground ride in Spain.

The woman, who was seriously injured, told news outlets that “no supervisor came to check” the bar was secure and that she had to pull it down herself before the ride began.

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She said the moment the ride began the bar “half opened” flinging her out of her seat and was left hanging on with one arm.

The woman was then slammed “against the floor and fencing that surrounded the perimeter.”

When asked why she had not fastened her seatbelt, the mother said she was “unaware it had one.”

According to the Security Councillor of Vigo the ride has two safety mechanism in place, a sensor which tells the computer system monitoring it that it has locked and a supervisor to visually check each seat before the ride begins. Two mechanisms which “clearly failed,” he concluded.


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