A €45 million property revolution in Spain

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DREAM DESIGNS: Revolution Precrafted provides designer, limited edition homes.

REVOLUTION Precrafted, a start-up real estate developer, has signed a €45 million deal with Spain-based property management firm BC Estudio to enter Spain’s hotel market, according to a report from the Business Mirror.

The two companies will develop hotels and homes on the Ebro Delta in Spain, which will be Revolution’s 13th international market.

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The properties – 50 hotel villas on a lakefront site – are part of the first phase of a 260 room project spanning four plots on the Ebro Delta in Tarragona, Cataluña.

Revolution Precrafted and BC Estudio will also build approximately 40 one-bedroom villas on the lakefront during the first phase of construction.

These villas will share the plot with a main clubhouse and the entire development will be complete within several months.

Jose Roberto Antonio, Director at Revolution Precrafted, said:

“We’ve always wanted to expand to Europe, but we wanted a unique and high-impact project that would showcase out expertise and product portfolio.

“We are very happy to partner BC Estudio in spearheading a development that will further strengthen Spain’s tourism.”

Revolution Precrafted has hotel projects across the world including the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas.


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