‘Castle Dove’ review takes place after Queen Elizabeth complained of feeling unwell

The Royal Family Twitter
Her Majesty looking hale and hearty in a picture published a few days ago

ON Thursday of last week, Her Majesty cancelled an appointment at St Pauls Cathedral as she had complained of feeling unwell.

Just a few days later, according to UK media, British Government Ministers and Civil Servants met to discuss plans for mourning (operation ‘Castle Dove’) when the monarch inevitably passes away.

It is anticipated that her body will ‘lie in state’ in Westminster Hall so that well-wishers can pay their respects as 10 days of official mourning are announced.


The actual notification of her death will be a simple notice pinned to the gates of Buckingham Palace and the Privy Council will then formally meet to announce the accession of her heir, currently Prince Charles.

The new king will then tour the United Kingdom visiting Scotland and Wales in the following weeks.

There is no published suggestion that her Majesty is suffering from any major medical problem, but as she ages, the government clearly wishes to ensure that they are prepared for all eventualities.


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