‘LOOKY LOOKY’ OUTRAGE: Brit holidaymaker’s getup sparks fury

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‘BLATANT RACISM’: Online commenters flocked to slam the stunt.

A BRITISH holidaymaker has sparked outrage after ‘blacking up’ to dress like an African street vendor during an Ibiza bar crawl.

Video footage posted on social media shows the unidentified reveller clutching a rack of cheap sunglasses and wearing a multi-coloured parasol hat as he parodies the well-known ‘looky looky’ men.

He is also wearing tracksuit bottoms, a colourful shirt featuring flamingos and has a purple monkey toy draped round his neck.

Groups of young male onlookers laugh and chant “looky looky” at him, before a real vendor is called over, who even poses smiling with the partygoer.

But the man’s costume triggered a slew of furious responses online, with many users claiming his behaviour amounts to racism.

Simone Adele Brathwaite wrote: “So racist. He could’ve done this without having to do black face.”

Paul McEvoy added: “What is going on here? Can nobody see this clear is racism and insensitive yet everyone is tagging their friends thinking it’s funny?”

“Glad this is a minority of small minded people and not a true representation of society (I’d like to think). In a state of shock at how low people will stoop.”

Fayo Ibidapo commented: “You need to check yourselves. This is unacceptable.”

Others were less critical of the stunt, with many sharing the clip.

It comes after The Apprentice star Lord Alan Sugar was last week forced into a humiliating climb-down after comparing the Senegalese World Cup football squad to ‘beach salesmen in Marbella.’

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  1. Je Je .. some people have no sense of humour, these bigots go out of their way to be “offended” – I find that they are “offended” & playing the “race card” to justify their offence – offensive.

    Why is their sense of offence worthy of reporting & why is their sense of offence more important than mine or that of the many people who you say found the prank amusing?

    These “looky looky” spivs are not registered for IVA, not here legally, without an NIF number & avoid paying tax. They are a cancer on Spanish society whjose activities are at the cost of hardworking Spanish.

  2. Very funny. There is no harm done, just a bit of fun.
    Also, remember half of them are in Spain illegally. One more thing if you had 30 looky-looky men living in your block of apartments you would probably be the first to run to the president and complain.


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