GAS SCAM WARNING: Costa del Sol residents warned over con

ILLEGAL: Homeowners are advised not to let fake gas inspectors into their homes.

COSTA DEL SOL residents have been warned a new wave of fake gas inspectors is flooding residential areas popular with expatriates.

It comes after homeowners in the Riviera del Sol and Calahonda neighbourhoods of Mijas Costa were told to beware of the con.

Posts on social media revealed how the scammers appear to be clad in official gas company uniform and are making door to door calls.


Once answered, they tell residents they need to see their butane gas cylinders and any other gas-fired appliances including barbecues, claiming they should be checked every four or five years.

They then charge €150 for the service, while using the visit to stake out each property for a potential burglary at a later date.

Residents are advised to stop them in their tracks and not to allow access to their homes.


  1. Would also be a great idea if anyone (without risk) could get a photo of the individuals that could also be circulated through social media and the appropriate authorities.


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