Financial windfall for Costa del Sol City

Ayuntamiento de Marbella
The mayor receives the cheque for €12 million

AFTER suffering financial loss from the fraud committed in the much publicised ‘Malaya Case’ the Marbella Council has received compensation in the sum of €12 million to use for services and public facilities in the city.

At one time it appeared that all of the money and assets recovered from the convicted Juan Antonio Roca would be passed directly to the Spanish Government and used to pay tax and social security debts but a ruling by the court in 2013 concerning the use of recovered funds from the case gave the council the opportunity to argue its case.

In addition to these funds, it would appear likely that some of the property seized which includes the Finca de la Caridad and buildings adjacent to the Costa del Sol Hospital will eventually be handed over to the council.

“Today is the first step, for which we have 12 million more in the accounts of the City Council for the citizens of Marbella and San Pedro and for their interests, for which we are very pleased to have achieved it,” commented Mayor Ángeles Muñoz as she received the cheque on behalf of Marbella on Friday.


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