Ding dong dell, doggie’s in a well

Guardia Civil
Officers were able to save the life of the hunting dog

THE special animal division of the Guardia Civil, Seprona, sent officers to a hunting ground in Murcia after a dog fell 30 metres down a well.

Officers were alerted to the problem when a hunter contacted their emergency number and explained what had happened.

Whilst chasing after an animal, the dog had crashed through the cover of the dry well and the owner feared that it was either dead or severely injured.

It then transpired that a two way radio on the animal’s collar was still transmitting and whimpers from the dog were heard which meant that a rescue operation should be mounted.

A specialist from Cartagena accompanied the officers from Seprona and using a rope tied to a special pulley on a 4×4 vehicle, this specialist was lowered into the well where he discovered the dog uninjured and he was able to extract it and return it to the owner.


  1. Yes why do you want to hunt to kill animals every creature has the right to live but at least the owner had the decency to get help and not just leave it to die or maybe the dog was valuable ??


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