British drivers in Europe could face thousands in fines for using devices in cars legal in UK

CRACKDOWN: Devices used to detect cameras and radars could lead to fines

THE use of technology legal in Britain to detect speed cameras could result in thousands in fines for drivers in Spain and elsewhere in Europe following crackdowns.

Speed camera detection devices and technology capable of jamming radars could land motorists fines of up to €6,000 in Spain.

French rules state penalties of around €1,500 can be slapped on drivers on their roads for the same offence.

Police across the European Union also have powers to access DVLA databases to identify and if necessary punish British drivers for breaking road laws under measures brought in last year.

British authorities recently cracked down on the use of such technology. They are legal if sold as parking sensors or garage door openers but not if used to interfere with speed cameras.


  1. In common law a crime is only committed where you have caused loss, damage or harm to another person. These are fake laws to make money and nothing else

  2. Which Law School did you go to, Naimah?
    Your skills will be of great value to all those unfortunates charged with speeding and phone use whilst driving offences since they have caused no [i]loss, damage or harm to another person[/i]. They can now have their sentences overturned!


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