Ships carrying 630 migrants including pregnant women arrive in Spain after being refused by Italy and Malta

One of the ships arriving in Valencia

THE ships carrying a total of 630 African migrants have arrived in Spain’s port of Valencia after being refused by Italy and Malta.

The first vessel entered harbour soon after dawn, with the Aquarius, which rescued the migrants last weekend, arriving several hours later with a second group.

Spain’s new Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has promised free healthcare and says it will investigate each asylum case.


“It is our duty to help avoid a humanitarian catastrophe and offer a safe port to these people, to comply with our human rights obligations,” he said earlier this week.


  1. Of 630 illegals how many were pregnant women? They are NOT “refugees” they are spineless cowards who are “country hopping” ILLEGALLY to obtain economic benefits in a civilised Christian European democracy, thus disadvantaging those who have made proper legal applications for asylum. They should be processed & deported like the criminals they are.

    By donating to Save The Children you are funding migrant taxis in the Med. STOP giving them money and starve them of funds before they totally destroy civilised liberal Christian Europe.

  2. Sanchez is a dimwit… Spain has being caring for emigrants each week over the past few years,… what’s differnet now? This will start thousands of people coming from the Middle east believing Spain is a soft touch for these people who are not suffering in their native country. Spain… care for you own citizens!


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