SHREDDED: Brit passenger on easyJet flight from Spain outraged after luggage arrives ripped to pieces

RIPPED: Harry's luggage arrived from the conveyor belt as pictured

A BRITISH passenger on an easyJet flight to Spain has slammed the airline after his luggage arrived on the conveyor belt ripped to shreds.

Harry Drew, 26, was told his hand luggage had to go into the hold on his return flight from Barcelona to Bristol but he claims as soon as his bag came into view he could immediately see it was damaged.

The council worker from Exeter was left fuming after he found most of his clothes had been ruined, including an Exeter City football shirt given to him by his uncle who had recently passed away.


Harry told news outlets his “uncle passed away two months ago. That’s irreplaceable.

“The bag had just come out on the carousel and it was all ripped. The bloke at the baggage desk reckoned it could have been chewed up by the conveyor belt.”

“No one brought it out and asked whose it was, it was just dumped on the belt and that was it,” he added.

Harry claims he has tried contacting easyJet on numerous occasions to complain about the incident but hasn’t heard anything back yet.

“It’s frustrating because it’s all my clothes I took away and they’re not giving me the time of day.

“I want a response and some sort of compensation for this. They need to do something about it” Harry said.


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